Now that the technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper every day, almost every school and college in the world can now afford multi-media projectors. With these multimedia projectors, teachers can teach their student different concepts about mathematics, alphabets, weight, length and many other things, all the while using some colorful slides and pictures. Use of these pictures and slides enhances the student’s learning experience and easily perceptible



With the advent of technology, everything has become online so, why not the lesson and assignments too. Create a blog for your students that is easy to understand and easy to manipulate. Give an assignment to the students like Write a diary from a popular person’s perspective or write a summary of hundred and so words of this poem. See, how they deal with the whole situation and see how they perform under the given circumstances. Some of the popular blogging sites are Blogger and Word press.



Last time you gave a lecture about technology and now the kids are excited as to learn more about technology? Why not encourage them to write something about technology. Tell them to write two or three hundred words about the fields of technology and the stuff and gadgets that can be used in a class room to help a teacher in their lectures.



A web quest is something when a teacher introduces their students to a familiar or an unfamiliar concept or topic. And they are asked to search the material they will require in making an assignment about this particular topic. With the help of these kind of assignments, a student will better be able to understand what sort of data is relevant to their assigned toped and what sort of data should be considered irrelevant and discarded.



A webpage can be created about the class and its students, different curricular and extra-curricular activities that are performed in a class, lectures can be uploaded on that webpage, announcements can be made about different assignments and homework, group photos can be uploaded on that specific webpage. It doesn’t matter if you use a premium domain or your own designed home-made webpage, both will serve the purpose real well.



Unlike any other assignment, students can be asked to write some fictional letters to each other, in which they discuss different things like asking for each other’s health, seeking help on a lesson or topic discuss where they would want to go in upcoming holidays.  This helps them understand what to write to their friends and what to write to their other counterparts and strangers discussing different things under different circumstances, all the while using technology and EMAIL.



Podcasts, that are basically an audio representation of of fiction or a story, prove to be much helpful. For example, a teacher is giving a lecture about a poet or a writer and they can play the audio podcast of some famous poem or story from that writer. That can help a student in better understanding and getting the full idea of the lecture.






Capital: Berlin

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Germany is a country where people visit to see the historical cities and monuments as well. This place is best known for its educational life and universities, colleges and other places where people go for enjoyment. There are mountains, forests, rivers and lakes for the entertainment of the people.



Capital: Reykjavik

Currency: Icelandic Krona

Language: English

Iceland is a country which has got many beautiful places where people see the beautiful nature. There are museums and also water glaciers and springs which increase the beauty. This country has so much beauty in it that people like to travel it alone when there is no one else in there. 



Capital: Stockholm 

Currency: Swedish Krona

Language: Swedish

Sweden is a country which is famous for its royal palaces and also other mountains and forests which give immense pleasure to the people. This country is best known for its coastal islands and this is such type of a country where people enjoy should come alone and enjoys the beautiful places it has. 



Capital: Bern

Currency: Swiss Franc

Language: German, Italian, French

Switzerland is a country which is famous for its landmarks, mountains, rivers and lakes. The natural beauty in this country is amazing which attracts most of the tourists. 



Capital: Ottawa

Currency: Dollar

Language: English, French

Canada is a country in North America. This country is famous for its temperature and the atmosphere it has. It is country which has a lot to enjoy. It has many historical buildings and places that are visited by most of the tourists. 



Capital: Madrid

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

Spain is a country in Europe. This country has got a lot of importance in the list of tourism. They have a lot common in here which gives the most amazing sceneries. 



Capital: London

Currency: Pound Sterling

Language: English

England is a country which is the most famous country among the people and every tourist wish to visit this country once in their life time due to its popularity. It has beautiful churches and has got an interesting history which attracts a lot of tourists towards it. 



Capital: Amsterdam

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch, Frisian, Papiamento

Netherlands is a country which is famous among the tourists and the capital of this country is the most famous one overall the world and people come to see this. It is an amazing place to visit. 



Capital: Vienna

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Austria is a country which has many historical buildings and also monuments which increase the beauty of this country. There are many colleges and universities for students as well. 


10)Republic of Ireland

Capital: Dublin

Currency: Euro

Language: Irish, English

Ireland is a country of islands and mountains. This country is famous for hiking and skiing activities. Most of the area is covered with islands and people visit this country to enjoy these entertainment activities. 





Maldives is the home to perhaps the best beaches in the world. They are on almost every one of the country’s nearly 1200 islands and are so consistently perfect that it is hard not to become addicted to them. You’ll find consistently whiter than white powder sand and luminous cayan blue water like this nowhere else on earth.


2.Tahiti, French Polynesia:

The “Island of Love”, the “New Cyther for Bougainville”, the Myth of paradise”, of “Rousseau’s good savage”, all those names are to describe the beauty of this same unique island, symbol is just by itself of the entire French Polynesia.


3.Borocay and Palawan, Philippines:

Palawan is over 1600 islands of paradise. It has dramatic rocks, white beaches, secret coves and rock formations and they have their own mysteries. It is untamed land, which is known as a lover’s paradise of nature. It is also an adventure’s dream and Palawan has got great images in it and also it has a natural beauty so it is famous as well among the people. It is wrapped in the mantel of rain forests, outstanding diving sites and majestic mountains. It bursts with exotic flora and is surrounded by coral shelf that abounds with the varied and colorful marine life.


4.Phuket, Thailand:

It is the largest Island in the world and is also an international magnet for serious drivers and beach lovers. People come over here enthusiastically and enjoy the beauty of Andaman Sea.  



Hawaii is a destination dreamt by most of the people. If you like good weather, perfect, setting, magnificent  views, beautiful blue waters, traditional hula dancing and exquisite  cuisine, Hawaii is the place for you.


6.Fernando does Noronha, Brazil:

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Fernando de Noronha. This site has a very delicate ecosystem and due to this system. They are provided with the beaches but very few visitors are allowed to do such things.  The lakes are filled with warm waters and also with the sea turtles and dolphins. It also makes Noronha as one of the best diving destinations in the world.


7.Turks and Caicos:

Home to some of the best beaches in the world, breath taking hues from inviting waters, and legendary diving, snorkeling and fishing, the Turks and Caicos Island beacon you to and undiscovered Caribbean. Travel to Turks and Caicos is easy and efficient. Just a short flight from the east coast of the U.S, this island is a tropical classic, a throwback in time where relaxation is un-avoidable and rejuvenation insured.


8. Vieques Puerto Rico:

Vieques is a laid back island so much of the activity that revolves around sun and sea activities. Snorkeling is great at blue beach, Not indicated in the map is Black Sand Beach, a spit of jet black powdered sand that glistens in the sun.


9.Greece, Rhodes:

Greece is a famous country where there are a lot of beaches but the best one among them is Rhodes and it has got a lot of importance in the world due to its beauty.





Try as hard as one might, they still can’t deny the reality that when you’re on a vacation in Europe for only a limited time and you want to spent every single second admiring the beauty of those monuments and land marks, you always have to wait in a line, that line seems so long that you feel like it is never going to end. You shift the weight of your body from one foot to another and still you’re nowhere near to entering that excellent architecture. Luckily there are few tours that will whisk away your frustration of waiting in a long line. Coliseum, which was built in the ancient history, has a walk-in facility for the tourists. Try to get as much as you can out of an guided tour and immerse yourselves while visiting the underground chamber arena or the upper tier seating for the general and common audience.



The most prestigious landmark of Paris and among the world’s most beautiful architecture wonders, Eiffel tower is the main attraction for the majority of the tourists so their first priority is to visit it and pay homage to this man made wonder. One thing that might prove to be a difficulty is the long line and heaps and heaps of people who are waiting for their turn to enter. What you can do about this situation that buy your tickets in advance as you would buy the tickets for the air plane of make reservations in any of the hotels.


  1. LOUVRE:

Some locations possess attraction for the tourist for the sole reason that there isn’t anything else like that in an entire world. The Museum of Louvre is a famous one among all. There is museum, none other like that in the entire world or the painting and other parchments of arts it has to offer. You are so excited you’re finally going to see the excellent artwork by your favorite painter of middle ages or medieval times and suddenly you jaws get dropped and your mouth remains wide open after seeing the long line of people, not a problem. As before, buy your tickets in advance, or better, buy a ‘Skip-the-line’ ticket. This ticket will most certain be expensive but I assure you, it would be every bit worth it.



Surely, most of us have seen the Cabaret dancing in a movie or two, but for people who, alongside a dream-like visit to Eiffel Tower, want to witness the Cabaret dancing with their own eyes, Moulin Rouge Club, the birth place of Cabaret dancing, is just the place for them. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance.




After seeing the pictures of standing stones or STONEHENGE many times on the internet and tv, you must be wondering, what were the circumstances that drove those ancient great people to build-up such a structure or what need or purpose it served or what happened to it afterwards. But all those questions aside you’ll not regret spending a single second one you’ve behold this ancient structure with your own eyes.