Capital: Berlin

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Germany is a country where people visit to see the historical cities and monuments as well. This place is best known for its educational life and universities, colleges and other places where people go for enjoyment. There are mountains, forests, rivers and lakes for the entertainment of the people.



Capital: Reykjavik

Currency: Icelandic Krona

Language: English

Iceland is a country which has got many beautiful places where people see the beautiful nature. There are museums and also water glaciers and springs which increase the beauty. This country has so much beauty in it that people like to travel it alone when there is no one else in there. 



Capital: Stockholm 

Currency: Swedish Krona

Language: Swedish

Sweden is a country which is famous for its royal palaces and also other mountains and forests which give immense pleasure to the people. This country is best known for its coastal islands and this is such type of a country where people enjoy should come alone and enjoys the beautiful places it has. 



Capital: Bern

Currency: Swiss Franc

Language: German, Italian, French

Switzerland is a country which is famous for its landmarks, mountains, rivers and lakes. The natural beauty in this country is amazing which attracts most of the tourists. 



Capital: Ottawa

Currency: Dollar

Language: English, French

Canada is a country in North America. This country is famous for its temperature and the atmosphere it has. It is country which has a lot to enjoy. It has many historical buildings and places that are visited by most of the tourists. 



Capital: Madrid

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

Spain is a country in Europe. This country has got a lot of importance in the list of tourism. They have a lot common in here which gives the most amazing sceneries. 



Capital: London

Currency: Pound Sterling

Language: English

England is a country which is the most famous country among the people and every tourist wish to visit this country once in their life time due to its popularity. It has beautiful churches and has got an interesting history which attracts a lot of tourists towards it. 



Capital: Amsterdam

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch, Frisian, Papiamento

Netherlands is a country which is famous among the tourists and the capital of this country is the most famous one overall the world and people come to see this. It is an amazing place to visit. 



Capital: Vienna

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Austria is a country which has many historical buildings and also monuments which increase the beauty of this country. There are many colleges and universities for students as well. 


10)Republic of Ireland

Capital: Dublin

Currency: Euro

Language: Irish, English

Ireland is a country of islands and mountains. This country is famous for hiking and skiing activities. Most of the area is covered with islands and people visit this country to enjoy these entertainment activities.