Now that the technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper every day, almost every school and college in the world can now afford multi-media projectors. With these multimedia projectors, teachers can teach their student different concepts about mathematics, alphabets, weight, length and many other things, all the while using some colorful slides and pictures. Use of these pictures and slides enhances the student’s learning experience and easily perceptible



With the advent of technology, everything has become online so, why not the lesson and assignments too. Create a blog for your students that is easy to understand and easy to manipulate. Give an assignment to the students like Write a diary from a popular person’s perspective or write a summary of hundred and so words of this poem. See, how they deal with the whole situation and see how they perform under the given circumstances. Some of the popular blogging sites are Blogger and Word press.



Last time you gave a lecture about technology and now the kids are excited as to learn more about technology? Why not encourage them to write something about technology. Tell them to write two or three hundred words about the fields of technology and the stuff and gadgets that can be used in a class room to help a teacher in their lectures.



A web quest is something when a teacher introduces their students to a familiar or an unfamiliar concept or topic. And they are asked to search the material they will require in making an assignment about this particular topic. With the help of these kind of assignments, a student will better be able to understand what sort of data is relevant to their assigned toped and what sort of data should be considered irrelevant and discarded.



A webpage can be created about the class and its students, different curricular and extra-curricular activities that are performed in a class, lectures can be uploaded on that webpage, announcements can be made about different assignments and homework, group photos can be uploaded on that specific webpage. It doesn’t matter if you use a premium domain or your own designed home-made webpage, both will serve the purpose real well.



Unlike any other assignment, students can be asked to write some fictional letters to each other, in which they discuss different things like asking for each other’s health, seeking help on a lesson or topic discuss where they would want to go in upcoming holidays.  This helps them understand what to write to their friends and what to write to their other counterparts and strangers discussing different things under different circumstances, all the while using technology and EMAIL.



Podcasts, that are basically an audio representation of of fiction or a story, prove to be much helpful. For example, a teacher is giving a lecture about a poet or a writer and they can play the audio podcast of some famous poem or story from that writer. That can help a student in better understanding and getting the full idea of the lecture.