1. LYON:

If someone is to say that LYON was first of the many cities where the preparation and presentation of meals actually became an art, it doesn’t seem really farfetched. Today, this colorful city of France is famous for its many restaurants and all the traditional food these restaurants have to offer. These hotels and restaurants have all sorts of food that sits right in any category of the budget, once you take a bite of any mouth-watering dish and wash it down with the finest of the finest French wines, you’ll forget every other taste your tongue was familiar with in the past.


  1. NEW YORK:

America has proved its supremacy and dominance on every field of life there is, and that also sits true with the restaurants and quality of food they have to offer. The most famous city of U.S, New York has over 10,000 hotels and restaurants. World Famous Food chains originated from United States, like KFC and McDonalds, and both of these enterprises have their brand franchise on almost every nook and corner of New York. Some of the biggest and greatest food stores to browse through and buy your groceries, like Zebras, Dean & DuLucas are also in New York. These Fast Food Chains and Grocery Stores have almost relieved the American women from their cooking chores. All they have to do is pick up the phone, order their favorite delectable and sit back for a few minutes, then when order comes through, first open up the door and after that, open up the box.



Barcelona is one of those cities that became the center of attention and attraction for tourists only this past decade. It became popular, in part, due to its enchanting history and superb architecture, and in part, because of the almost unbelievable variety of food its restaurants have to offer. In Barcelona, food presentation is given the place of art and science and cooks and chefs, are likely, to be the scientists and they do all sort of experiments with the food, which, in all honesty, doesn’t goes wrong in any way. People devour this food with great delight, but for many conservatives type of food lovers, who choose to remain with the simple ways to life, can go in any restaurant where they can order the traditional food.




The most sleeked-after tourist destination in Asia, this beautiful city of Thailand, is also famous for the vast variety of cuisine it has to offer. Be it the restaurants or the street-side food stop, they almost have a similar quality and variety of food and only difference being that the big restaurant will charge you extra for the decent atmosphere and the fancy cutlery while on a street-side food stop, you just pay for the delicious food. Sweet, sour or salty, just orders a dish and tastes every single one of them in it. After inhaling the nose filling, mouth-watering aromas, even the strongest of people can’t resist and end up sitting on those wicker chairs and ordering up a dish or two.


Online security is essential when it comes to the reality that digital future must be secured and potential. But now the scientists and security experts are admitting that no system can be 100% safe and secure. The factor of risk must be ascertained in a less secure tech environment.



Web scale IT is not some new concept in global computing world, seeing the successful web infrastructure, like Amazon, Google and Facebook, more and more companies are adopting the trend of cloud computing but this thing doesn’t happens overnight. It takes some time to take a formation and to mature.


Software defined application:

Software made under the Agile Programming model has to offer more flexibility that today’s business ventures require. These software defined applications and programs are becoming more and more mature with the passage of time.



Cloud computing is considerably a newer trend in large scale internet and global front these days. Cloud computing is basically a set of applications and programs that can be accessed from any device with the internet connection in any corner of the world.



Very much similar to the concept of artificial intelligence, Smart machine will be able to understand the different situations under-different circumstances. The algorithm stored in the machines will enable them to recognize their current environment, learn for themselves and then make decisions and act under different circumstances automatically.



CONTEXT rich systems are basically the systems that are aware to their surroundings and behave appropriately based of the set of instructions and analytic activity stored in their circuit. These machines will be able to understand the query of a user and will then decide not only what information to present in the response but how to respond.



Analytic properties have become the focus point of many apps and programs these days. Apps are being designed who can perform analysis and sort out related and UN-related information. For example, while collecting all the data and information that is coming from all the social media and wearable devices and then responding to the queries of a specific user in the right way.



The increase in the demand of 3d printers is predicted to be increased by 98% by the end of year 2016. The industry of 3d printers is expected to flourish in the next 3 years and scientists and experts are now concentrating on low-cost and much efficient 3d Printers.



You would be able to connect your wearable fashion technology like wristbands, rings, necklaces and many other things and these will be able to communicate through your smart-phone, which will also work as a central hub for these devices. This is called the internet of things.




With the growth in demand of mobile devices and wearable, this industry is flourishing at a large speed; Gartner predicts that companies now believe in serving their users in a more relate and diverse computing context. 


I Phone that is the most popular and most sold device offered by Apple inc. and lines start to form in front of apple stores whenever a new I Phone or iPod model is announced for the commercial purposes for the general public. Like the previous history, when the I Phone 6 was announced, prior to its release, many rumors started to circulate through the tech community and mobile phone enthusiast as to the new features of I Phone 6. One of these rumors was that, unlike its previous versions, the new I Phone 6 will come with the Sapphire Glass Screen. Before you start to wonder why this whole discussion about the sapphire glass is even started, let’s tell you about what a sapphire glass actually is. In general terms, sapphire glass is the most stable material there is, and the importance of sapphire glass is doubled when this material is used in the production of smart phones because it hardly gets any scratches. Previous versions of I Phone use Gorilla Glass which is also scratch proof but is not very effective when compared to the Sapphire Glass. I Phone is popular for mostly 2 reasons, long lasting battery life and unbreakable screen and body, so when it was revealed that the use of sapphire glass in the new I Phone 6 were just silly rumors, people were disappointed and devastated. There are also rumors that sapphire glass isn't the strongest material as some people claim it to be, in fact it can break fairly easy.


According to an expert, sapphire glass may eventually be used in the future versions of the I Phone but for the time being, Apple avoided using sapphire glass in the current I Phone 6 model due to the following reasons.


1. Consumers like to pay considerably lesser amount of money for a feature packed mobile phone. As it turns out, sapphire glass is ten times more expensive than a traditional glass which would add an extra 100 and something dollars the cost of new I Phone and customers are less likely to pay that extra amount.


2. Sapphire is a more thick material and has more weight than an average glass which may prove to be a problem for the company who believes in making the smart phones that are sleek and light-weight.


3. Sapphire glass isn't the most energy efficient. As mentioned previously, it is thicker than glass, so, as the light travels easily through the traditional glass, it cannot travel that easily through the sapphire glass, to make this whole thing work, more energy would be required that is against the company’s motto of making the devices that are energy efficient.


4. Even though, the sapphire glass is considered to be scratch-less, it still isn’t foul-proof or the strongest material there is. In most cases, it is more likely to break when dropped on the floor accidently or on purpose, so even it is scratch proof, it doesn’t offers much in the department of strength and flexibility.



5. Sapphire is still used as the external shield on the camera of the I Phone because it is scratch proof, but the customers will have to wait before the whole I Phone screen and body is made of sapphire Glass.