Try as hard as one might, they still can’t deny the reality that when you’re on a vacation in Europe for only a limited time and you want to spent every single second admiring the beauty of those monuments and land marks, you always have to wait in a line, that line seems so long that you feel like it is never going to end. You shift the weight of your body from one foot to another and still you’re nowhere near to entering that excellent architecture. Luckily there are few tours that will whisk away your frustration of waiting in a long line. Coliseum, which was built in the ancient history, has a walk-in facility for the tourists. Try to get as much as you can out of an guided tour and immerse yourselves while visiting the underground chamber arena or the upper tier seating for the general and common audience.



The most prestigious landmark of Paris and among the world’s most beautiful architecture wonders, Eiffel tower is the main attraction for the majority of the tourists so their first priority is to visit it and pay homage to this man made wonder. One thing that might prove to be a difficulty is the long line and heaps and heaps of people who are waiting for their turn to enter. What you can do about this situation that buy your tickets in advance as you would buy the tickets for the air plane of make reservations in any of the hotels.


  1. LOUVRE:

Some locations possess attraction for the tourist for the sole reason that there isn’t anything else like that in an entire world. The Museum of Louvre is a famous one among all. There is museum, none other like that in the entire world or the painting and other parchments of arts it has to offer. You are so excited you’re finally going to see the excellent artwork by your favorite painter of middle ages or medieval times and suddenly you jaws get dropped and your mouth remains wide open after seeing the long line of people, not a problem. As before, buy your tickets in advance, or better, buy a ‘Skip-the-line’ ticket. This ticket will most certain be expensive but I assure you, it would be every bit worth it.



Surely, most of us have seen the Cabaret dancing in a movie or two, but for people who, alongside a dream-like visit to Eiffel Tower, want to witness the Cabaret dancing with their own eyes, Moulin Rouge Club, the birth place of Cabaret dancing, is just the place for them. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance.




After seeing the pictures of standing stones or STONEHENGE many times on the internet and tv, you must be wondering, what were the circumstances that drove those ancient great people to build-up such a structure or what need or purpose it served or what happened to it afterwards. But all those questions aside you’ll not regret spending a single second one you’ve behold this ancient structure with your own eyes.